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As a brand, we believe in celebrating femininity. We design for a modern woman. One who seeks out the finest materials, a timeless and elegantly cut piece, that is finished with exquisite detailing. 


We hold the utmost respect for bespoke tailoring and the traditional, in our design and creations. With this core value as our foundation, we have the liberty to demonstrate our creativity by drawing inspiration from all corners of the world.


At Arevalo King, we use a range of silk, crepe, wool and cashmere to make luxurious bespoke evening wear and outerwear, finished with hand painted antique French lace taken from vintage wedding gowns. 


Our collection serves as an inspiration for our clients; we work by appointment, offering our Made to Measure service, where we discuss your body shape, material and colour preference. In short, each piece is unique and handcrafted to fit your body only.

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