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Peony Lim in Arevalo King

See Peony's full editorial on her custom made Arevalo King cape and dress


"I started to think about possible concepts for the Christmas editorial and I settled on Snow White in the Enchanted Woods, pulling out the Christmas colours of White, Red and Green as the focus. On the day of the shoot it was freezing, the light was constantly changing and rain was threatening. Somehow we got there though. I hope the result is suitably festive!"


"This beautiful Arevalo King dress and cape were hand made to fit me by the amazing Zoe (the woman behind the brand). When Zoe first reached out with her collection I was blown away with the sophisticated aesthetic of this young designer.  I get approached by a lot of new designers who want to get their message out. Mostly their work just doesn’t fit my really specific aesthete, so when I find a designer who I think does I feel a huge amount of affection for them and I really want to help if I can. Zoe’s collection really deserves our attention.  Each piece is so well thought out and unlike a lot of designers she has come up with solution dresses for different body-types. Each one showcases and disguises the body in a different way, through skilful tailoring not just drapery."











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